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Welcome to the Food Service


Prices for 2016-2017 

Elementary Lunch - $2.40 | Middle School Lunch - $2.95 | High School  Lunch - $2.95
Reduced lunch for all is $.40 | Milk:  $.35


The School District of Washburn announces its policy for children unable to pay the full price of meals served under the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program or milk for split-session students served under the Special Milk Program. The school and central offices have a copy of the policy, which may be reviewed by any interested party. As children need healthy nutritious food to learn, Washburn School District will serve all students a morning snack free of charge each school day for the 2015-2016 school year. Household size and income criteria will be used for determining eligibility. Children from families whose annual income is at or below the levels in the application are eligible for free and reduced price meals or free milk if a split-session student does not have access to the school lunch or breakfast service.


Application for Free/Reduced Lunch, Breakfast and Milk


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